GitHub issues

Name More information Date
Map tool needs rework It can't handle the newer map file formats. The map format might need some work too. 19th Jul
Somtimes weapons get stuck on machinegun Even when you change weapon, it's still on machinegun. Also, ammo doesn't go down. 4th Nov
Large gamestates crash the server when player joins When there is a large gamestate, joining the game causes the server to crash. I'm fairly sure it's going over the packet length limit, so I'll need a way to split up large states into multiple packets. 26th Dec
Server doesn't detect player leaving properly This may be related to issue #27 but I'm not sure. 26th Dec
Leaving vehicles can cause odd results Any, all or none of: The vehicle flipping The vehicle flying The character falling through the map 7th Jan
Zombie hit/miss status and blood is confusing It is difficult to tell when you are hitting a zombie or if they are just bleeding profusely. There is a small static blip when you shoot and hit them, other than that you can't tell how many times you've hit them. 21st Jan
Character physics and animations is out in a few areas Some of the zombie mechanics are off. For example, the zombie will float over the hole in the ground or walk in place infinitely. Also I have seen several zombies walk into the blackness at the edges of the map... never to return. 21st Jan
Add a basic a game storyline This hasn't really come up much previously, but it has been in the back of my mind for a while yet. 21st Jan
CollisionShapes should be stored on the entity type, not the instance The bullet collision shapes should be stored per entity-type, not per entity (for ram reasons). 22nd May
Rockets bounce on the ground Okay, so it's kinda cool, but it's still a bug. There is a similar issue with proxi mines. 22nd May
The particles system is rubbish It's really bad. 22nd May
Most of the Lua stuff is crap and leaky too I'm thinking some of it needs rejigging into some sort of DOM-like system or something. It's not a massive priority, because the system works, but it would be good to think about before heaps of new content is added. 22nd May
Fully Destructable Environements is 100% broken Either I stop saying the game supports it, or I actually add it back in. 22nd May
Fixed turrets don't work It just needs some physics/animation love. 22nd May
Logging and cli output is a horrible mess There is a mixture of printf, fprintf, cerr, cout and reportFatalError. It needs to be cleaned up. 23rd May
Black hole weapon pushes instead of pulls It's really just a configuration issue for the "Attractor" weapon type. 28th Jun