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Command line arguments

Start up options

Start an arcade game for a specific map, gametype and unit name. Argument should be comma-separated:
  MAP - The map name to play on
  GAME - The name of the gametype to play
  UNIT - The name of the unit to play

When starting an arcade game, also host a network server.

Start a single-player campaign. Takes a single argument, the name of the campaign to play.

Join a network game. Takes a single argument, the IP address of the server to join.

If no specific startup mode is specified, the game loads a menu screen.

Other options

Specify the video subsystem. Options: 'opengl', 'debug', 'null'.

Run the game in windowed mode (optionally at a specific width and height).

Run the game in fullscreen mode.

Specify the audio subsystem. Options: 'sdl', 'null'.

Load an additional mod.

Show a list of mods, and exit.

Add a delay loop to run the game at lower CPU. Normally not required because the GPU throttles the play rate, but very useful on dedicated servers.

Show help, and exit.

Show version information, and exit.