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Surprise release - 1.10 is now out

I've done an early surprise release! Here we are, version 1.10 of Chaotic Rage. That's one point ten in case you were confused.

This is a smaller one, only a single month and only 75 commits. Most of it is cleanup for the upcoming Emscripten builds, with a smattering of other changes, and a few little tweaks thanks to esper. I did the release early because I have been really busy at work and have been falling behind on my CR dev, so I thought I should at least release what I had done.

As for cool stuff, we've got some really important game balance fixes, some important gameplay bugfixes - no more zombies attacking from five meters away - and also some cool new weather and particle effects.

Builds should be available soon (they're building as I write this). I've finally got Windows running on my new comptuer, so I'll do a native Windows build tonight, which should deal with the Lua bug which Windows users were having with 1.9 which was caused by an odd Lua version in MXE.

Update: I've uploaded the 1.10 native Windows version, get it from the downloads page.

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