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Version 1.9 is out!

It's been two months and one week, so it's time to release 1.9! This one got held up a little by work commitments which slowed it down, but it is a good one.

A huge amount of time has gone into code cleanup and bug fixes. There was also work done on the tooling, and the compile toolchains are working much better now. We've got a new server which is doing weekly builds, which is really excellent. This also includes (experimental) cross-compiled builds using MXE. These are fully portable without an installer, and can be downloaded from the Downloads page. The main WIndows build is still nativily compiled using MSVC and some internet issues at home have prevented me from uploading it yet.

New features include some additional languages (French and Swedish), with more to come. If anyone wants to donate translations that would be much appreciated. We also fixed some issues which prevented compiles on Gentoo thanks to the help and patience of Henrique Lengler.

Other interesting changes include lots of artwork updates, various rendering updates and fixes, heaps of changes to the caves map, and brand new sounds for all of the weapons.


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