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New team member, map editing, i18n support

Well I haven't posted for a while, but a quick look at the git logs will show plenty of activity almost every day.

You may also notice a new face in the logs - Magnus Espersson (esper) has recently joined the project. He's using it as a lerning excersie for C++ and is spending most of his time cleaning up code as well as bug fixing and the occasional small feature. It's great to have some assistance with this game and I really appreceiate the effort he has been putting in and his valuable contributions to the project.

There have been heaps of changes recently, but through all of that there have been two new big things. Firstly we've now got a basic in-game map editor. It doesn't do the 3D stuff, only the entity placing. More features to come there.

We've also now got some basic internationalization (i18n) support, including full support for multibyte characters. I'm hoping to get some translations soon.

There has also been tons of little changes and heaps of bugfixes, but I'll talk about that in the release blog post for 1.8, which I'm hoping to do next weekend (14th/15th).

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