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Holiday Bugfix Release - Chaotic Rage 1.5

A quick release foc Chaotic Rage while away on holidays/vacation. I've never uploaded a 40-something installer using phone thethering before!

This release is mostly bug fixes because I haven't had heaps of time. There were a few launch bugs (i.e. crashes at launch) for Intel graphics, and I think there was a DLL error which affected almost all Windows users. That one has been fixed. A lot of little annoying network bugs have been fixed too.

I'm taking a couple of weeks off before development continues, so the next cycle might be a bit longer and/or not contain much.

Also, I don't have an Android development environment on this laptop at the moment, so I don't have an Android build. I did fix some Android bugs, but you'll have to wait for them, sorry about that.

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