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New release - 1.4 is now available

TLDR; new release with Android support.

Wow what a massive release this has been! One of the largest releases in Chaotic Rage history, this release adds Android support! A huge amount of changes were needed to bring this dream to reality, and I only slipped one week to four weeks.

Android support

Now I'll have to admit it's a little half-baked at the moment, because I haven't finished started getting the controls working. I need to develop some sort of "virtual" joystick or something.

Nonetheless, it's compiling and running, so that is a good start. It would be great to get some testing on a bunch of different devices. It should run on anything with Gingerbread (2.3.3) or later. It's not in the play store yet, so you'll need to enable "External sources" to be able to run it.

Release size

As I already mentioned, the release is large, one of (if not the) largest release ever. 114 commits in the Git repo. The stats are pretty interesting:

1337 files changed, 168787 insertions(+), 138877 deletions(-)

It's pretty funny that LEET files changed...anyway, it's a big release, considering 1.3 was only 157 files changed...

New features

Well there is the obvious inclusion of Android support, but I did some other stuff too.

I had to make everything OpenGL ES compatible, so a lot of the render code got cleaned up.

I migrated the game to SDL 2.0, it was previously running 1.2.

The guichan library (which wasn't getting much upstream support) has been incoporated into the Chaotic Rage source.

I removed the zip file support for mods. Just plain directories now.

I brought the two-file config file loader (libconfuse) into the main source tree too.

I even added command line support for Windows.

Have a play

The actual gameplay hasn't changed much, but if you've got an Android phone or tablet, why not download and have a play?

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