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Android support

So there hasn't been any blog posts for a while, but that doesn't mean Chaotic Rage has died...quite the opposite. As the GitHub commit log will show, there has been a massive amount of work on the game as of late.

In fact, if you look at the git stats (i.e. git diff --shortstat 1.3..HEAD), they're pretty impressive:

1299 files changed, 164545 insertions(+), 135115 deletions(-)

All of this flurry of activity has been the adding of Android support, although I brought in the sources of Guichan and libconfuse as well, which accounts for quite a few of the insertions.

This video is of the emulator, but I've had it successfully run on a Samsung Galaxy S II as well.

I know it might look quaint, but this is actually a huge step forward for the project.

Anyway, expect a new release soon.

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