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Over the last few days, I've been migrating Chaotic Rage from SDL 1.2 to SDL 2.0.1. This has a number of benefits from a programming perspective, because SDL 2 has a lot of interesting new APIs available. I'm not really using any of the new APIs yet, it's just a straight-through port.

You may be hoping to see something new and whizz-bang but sorry, you're out of luck. The new version looks identical to the old version. There is something new and whizz-bang on the horizon though.

SDL 2 supports Android and iOS.

This is the basic reason for the transition. If it wasn't for this, I probably wouldn't switch but I've decided it's time to branch out a bit, so once the SDL 2 changes are all stable enough for me to be happy with them, I'm going to begin work on an Android port.

Now that might get some users annoyed that there still isn't an OS X version of the game. Well it's not really an issue from a code perspective, it's actually an issue from a compiling perspective. To make OS X applications, you need to use Xcode, which only runs on - you guessed it - a mac. I don't own a mac. If anyone was to donate a mac to the project, I would be able to make OS X builds, and eventually iOS builds too. Interested? Email

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