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Chaotic Rage 1.3: Fix ALL the bugs

Another three weeks have passed - time for another release!

Normally I would now announce some new shiny feature like helicopters, or a new subsystem or rewrite of some chunk of crappy code. Not today...

  • Cleaned up the logging of the mod loading
  • Removed some unused code in some files
  • Support for parts of models to be excluded from physics
  • Fixed the ute 3d model
  • Got helicopter blades spinning
  • Sped up game loading
  • Fixed melee attack
  • Fixed zombie ai which didn't attack
  • Vehicle weapons now point the right way
  • Don't let the helicopter fly too high
  • Fixed the mine 3d model
  • Implemented Travis CI build testing
  • Got rockets working correctly (these were so badly implemented, lots of bugs here)
  • Added physics tick callbacks
  • Added support for and fixed the NULL and DEBUG renderers
  • Support for multiple move nodes for vehicles
  • Initial work on vehicle wheel rotation

As you can see, no massive new feature, just hundreds of little progressive changes. I hope you enjoy Chaotic Rage 1.3!

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