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Rendering - Null and Debug

For a long time now, there have actually been three rendering engines available in Chaotic Rage. The most common one is the OpenGL renderer, but hiding under the covers was to others - null and debug.

The null renderer does nothing. It doesn't have any output whatsoever.

The debug renderer was originally for debugging network games. It's a low-performance 2D top-view renderer, with coloured boxes to represent the various game entities.

There were previously bugs when these renderers were used, so I never offered a way to select them. These bugs have now been fixed, so (on linux) you can now use the command-line option --render to choose a renderer ('opengl', 'null' and 'debug'). Similar options have been added for audio ('sdl' and 'null').

What does this mean? Well with --render null and the right command-line options, it should be possible to have a dedicated server. I haven't actually tested this yet. We previously had a dedicated server binary, but I removed it because it was buggy. These improvments might allow me to revive the dedicated server.

I'm also now using --render null with Travis CI to do a run in pound mode, which is pretty cool.

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