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It's finally here - 1.0

It's finally here - the 1.0 release of Chaotic Rage!

So generally people line up lots of cool new features and hundreds of bugfixes for their 1.0 release, but I was finding it being a phycological issue because I wsan't releasing reguarlly due to trying to cram everything into the ultimate 1.0 release.

So I've decided it was finally time. The game is playable enough to be called "complete", and in every case I'm going to do 1.1 in about 3 weeks anyway (well that's the plan).

As for what's new in this release, I've basically spent the whole release getting network support working. It now uses a game hosted in a client instead of a dedicated server, which fixed a few issues I was having. I haven't really tested it very much at the moment, and there is basically no testing over the internet, but local games should have low enough latency to operate correctly.

The new installer exe is now available from the downloads page, and the dev docs and modding docs from their usual places.

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1740 days ago

Congrats on the 1.0 release! Gonna download it now!

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