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We're still alive!

Okay so it's been a while - there haven't been updates for about a month now, but the project is still alive and kicking.

I got a bit caught up with a short holiday, then I got inspired and wrote an IOCCC entry, and then I got ill with something which knocked me out for about a week.

But I'm back. Development will continue. This morning I did some website work, and I'm going to do some dev work this afternoon or tonight.

The next big thing is fixing the network support.

Also, there has been something which has been a big phycological issue. The 1.0 release. My brain wants it to be perfect, but that's stopping progression and I try to fix all the issues. So I think I'll just release 1.0 so I don't think (and worry) about it any more and can just move on with development on a fortnightly schedule. So expect that soon.

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