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OpenGL changes and other thoughts

So I've got a few things to write about. I've been doing a fair bot of thinking during this release, and there are some changes coming out very soon, as well as a few questions I have which are still unanswered.

Firstly, I've ditched "compat mode" rendering. The config option is gone. The code is still there, but it's disabled; it will get removed soon (although nothing is ever gone when you have version control). Also, I've finally added some config options (and GUI) for graphics quality settings, so that should cover older (but still OpenGL 3.1+) cards.

Secondly, I've been thinking about some of the old features that the game used to have, but which broke when I updated various bits of the engine (physics broke the most things). One previous feature was Fully Destructable Envireonments. My question is this? Is this an important feature? Was it valuable?

Thirdly, I used to have plans for Special Attack. This has never been implemented. Again, would it be valuable?

If anyone has any opinions on these matters, please reply in the comments, or send an email to the (new) Chaotic Rage developemnt email address -

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