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GL Performance

So I've done a heap of work on OpenGL performance over the last week or so, and have gotten some really good results. Most of the work is just avoiding stage changes but there has been a few other improvements too. If I keep getting increases in speed, I'll probably decide to throw away the "compatibility mode" renderer - although I'm still interested in feedback on that.

So this weekend is a release weekend - it's every other weekend - so I'll do the release soon, probably tomorrow (Sat) night, but it depends on stuff. Sadly, it's probaby one of the most boring releases ever. It's really just bug fixes, so I might postpone it by a week, just to get a chance to add something interesting...

The only other thing of mild interest is the new Development Docs area. It's basically the content that was on the wiki on GitHub, but on this site instead. And probably a little more up-to-date.

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