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Compatibility vs Development

So a while ago I upgraded the graphics engine for Chaotic Rage. This was a very interesting process, and really useful to the development of the game. Then as I continued to develop the engine by using changing model loaders among other things, I have discovered it's increasingly difficult to support older hardware.

Currently there is two render backends - Modern (OpenGL 3.1 required) and Compatibility (OpenGL 2.0). The problem is to get new features working (like bone animation) will be quite difficult with OpenGL 2.0 alone, it just doesn't cut it.

So I have a couple of options:

  1. Kill of compatibilty mode, and loose potential users. At the moment, it's actually disabled because the Assimp stuff doesn't work, so I could just make that change permanantly.
  2. Get compatibilty mode working, and keep supporting it, although some features (like bone animation) will simply not work.

I'm looking for the opinions of users here - please get in contact in the comments

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