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So, inspired by GoldenEye 007, I've decided to add mines to Chaotic Rage. Mines were maybe one of the funnest parts of that game, hopefully they will be lots of fun in Chaotic Rage too.

There is going to be four types of mine: Timed, Remote and Proximity.

I've already added timed mines (although there isn't a cool explosion effect yet), the others should go in there over the next few days.

And like everything in Chaotic Rage, I've only added classes of weapons; the various properties of these weapons will be managed using mods. This means, if people want, we could put in like five different proximity mines (one with lots of damage, one with lots of blast range, one with lots of detection range, and a couple of others) and they would all still ujse the same logic in the game engine, just different weapon definitions.

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