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First-person mode

So I added first-person view the other day. It's fairly simple - just some other values for the camera transform. At the same time, I've made the camera angle scriptable, so hopefully something interesting will come of that. At the monment, you can only control which viewmode (behind, above or 1st person), bit it shouldn't be two difficult to allow scripting of the angle and distance parameters, preferablly with tweening too.

I've also been doing work on the assimp content migration and improvements, which is good, although zombies are still a little too big :)

I know I've slipped this weekends release, but it was too sunny to sit inside and code; I went to The Coorong instead.

On an unrelated note, I'm hoping to do some website updates soon, which will start with subscriptions to the blog, and some other bits too.

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