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The final major building block

So after a very busy few weeks at work recently, I've resumed doing work on Chaotic Rage. I'm now implementing the last major change to the engine - the removal of the old AnimModel system whcih I had developed, and the integration of a proper model loader - Assimp.

The old system (animmodels.conf + .obj files + .png files) worked okay, but it had many limitations. And I wanted new features from my file format, and I didn't want to graft them into the old format.

Assimp is a loader which supports 41 different formats - this means I can pick and choose as I want. The screenshot to the left is with it loading the original .blend files from Blender as-is, with no scaling or anything, not even texturing.

All this work leads to me being able to do cool new stuff - better static animations, bone animations, bump maps, normal maps, plus more. Exciting stuff.

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